About Logotherapy

Share our vision of a meaning-filled life and society.

Logotherapy aims to actualise the human spirit, that uniquely human capacity to take a stand, to take a decision, even in the most difficult of circumstances.

Viktor Frankl

When you’re with your family, do you feel something is missing? Could you do better, be better for your closest? You can do and feel better.

Why Meaning matters

In this 1963 TV interview Viktor Frankl describes the basics of his meaning-centered psychotherapy.

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Wonder how to improve your productivity without any burnouts and at the same time feel you are making this world a better place? Yes, you can achieve that!

Our need for Meaning and Purpose

Viktor Frankl explains the question of meaning and the central role it plays in his Logotherapy.

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Meaning in Life

An article that might change the way you think about gratitude for yourself and others and that will lead you to a genuine and comfortable communication style.

Why Self-Actualization is Not the Answer

Viktor Frankl explains how Logotherapy’s concepts of meaning and self-transcendence contrast the deterministic views of modern psychotherapy.

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