Welcome to the Viktor Frankl Institute of Australia Inc. (VFIA)


We promote a healthier and more resilient society through the teachings and practice of Logotherapy, and with a philosophy of searching, learning, and connecting.

Logotherapy aims to actualise the human spirit – that uniquely human capacity to take a stand, to take a decision even in the most difficult of circumstances.

We welcome members who share our vision of a meaning-filled society.

VFIA is accredited with the Viktor Frankl Institute Vienna and has links to Viktor Frankl Institutes worldwide.

Our Strategic Pillars

We are guided in our strategies, activities, and operational priorities by our three strategic pillars of searching, learning, and connecting.


What is the meaning in life? This is a question every human being will confront at some point. Each of us is questioned by life, and we can only answer to life by answering for our own lives. To life’s questions we can only respond by being responsible. Logotherapists believe meaning is always there to be found, even in the most difficult of circumstances. We invite you to join us in the search. 


Millions have read Man’s Search for Meaning and been inspired by Frankl’s understanding of the human person. Yet few have fully engaged with his therapeutic philosophy, his insight into what it is to be human, nor the techniques of logotherapy he developed. The Viktor Frankl Institute Australia provides the opportunity for professional development for members, and training for potential logotherapists, in partnership with Life Change Therapies. See our Professional Development page for more.


Being human always points, and is directed, to something or someone other than oneself – a meaning to fulfil or another human being to encounter. The moment a person forgets about ‘self’ by giving of oneself to a cause, or another person to love, the more human we become and the more we actualise ourselves.

Join our Viktor Frankl Institute and connect with others in communicating the core message of Logotherapy – that meaning is always there to be found.

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